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Paint Problems


Paint bubbles can form long after the paint has dried. Take steps to avoid this problem before it occurs. Paint […]


Blocking: Two painted surfaces sticking together when pressed against the other, such as doors and windows. Blocking probable causes: Insufficient […]


Burnishing: Spots of increased sheen where paint is rubbed. Even a fingernail stroke can burnish. Burnishing probable causes: Selection of […]

Caulking Failures

Caulking failures: Loss of the protective moisture seal due to the loss of initial adhesion and flexibility. Caulking failure causes: […]

Coalescence Void

Coalescence void: Paint not forming a continuous film when surface temperature is too cold, usually below 50°F. Coalescence void causes: […]

Cracking / Flaking

Cracking/flaking: Aged paint splitting through at least one coat with flaking occurring in the later stages. Cracking/flaking causes: Old oil […]


Flashing: Uneven gloss with shiny or dull spots on painted surfaces. Flashing probable causes: Improper or no priming of porous […]

Flow / Leveling Failure

Flow/leveling failure: Excessive brush or roller marks causing an unsightly non-uniform surface. Flow/leveling probable causes: Failures usually are the result […]

Foaming / Cratering

Foaming/cratering: Excessive bubbling that doesn’t flow out and leaves craters or depressions in the paint film. Foaming/cratering causes: Using a […]


Lapping: Occurs where wet and dry layers overlap during painting. Avoid with paint area management and technique. Lapping probable causes: […]


Mildew: Areas of black, gray or brown fungus growing on paint and other surfaces, particularly in damp areas. Mildew probable […]

Mud Cracking

Mud cracking: Looks like dried mud with deep irregular cracks in the dry paint film. Mud cracking causes: Paint is […]