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Paint Problems

Picture Framing

Picture framing: Darker color where ceilings, windows, doors and corner areas were cut-in with a brush. Picture framing causes: Improper […]

Poor Hiding

Poor hiding: Failure of the finish coat to cover the previous color or a new substrate. Poor hiding probable causes: […]

Print Resistance Failure

Print resistance failure: Marking of paint from the weight of an object such as a dish on a shelf. Print […]

Roller Marks

Roller marks: A stipple texture pattern from the roller, not desirable or planned. Roller marks probable causes: Incorrect rolling technique. […]


Sagging: Paint running down immediately after application leaving an uneven coating appearance. Sagging probable causes: Application technique and inadequate surface […]

Scrubbing Failure

Scrubbing failure: Excessive wearing away of the paint film from repeated scrubbings. Scrubbing failure causes: Using an improper scrubbing technique […]

Spattering (Roller)

Spattering: A spray of paint droplets from the roller cover as the paint is being applied. Spattering probable causes: Economy […]

Stain Resistance Failure

Stain resistance failure: Paint soiling with minimal resistance to the absorption of dirt and stains. Stain resistance causes: Using a […]

Touch-Up Failure

Touch-up failure: A difference in color and appearance between the original paint and the touch-up spots. Touch-up failure causes: Poor […]


Wrinkling: A rough crinkled surface caused by a drying interference and forming a wrinkled skin. Wrinkling probable causes: Applying the […]


Yellowing: Gradual formation of a yellow cast in aging oil based paints sensitive to the lack of UV exposure. Yellowing […]


Alligatoring: Many wide patterned cracks in the paint film with the appearance of alligator scales. Alligatoring probable causes: Usually multiple […]