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Paint Problems


Blistering: Dome shaped paint bubbles indicating loss of adhesion. Can occur in isolation or groups. Blistering probable causes: Trapped moisture […]


Chalking: Excessive and heavy powdering. Paints chalk naturally somewhat over long exposure to sun and weather. Chalking probable causes: Usually […]

Checking / Flaking

Checking/flaking: Aging, dried paint starts with hairline cracks. Eventually cracking to the surface. Checking probable causes: Poor surface prep. Applying […]

Dirt Staining

Dirt staining: Excessive collection of dirt and other debris. Sometimes mistaken for mildew. Dirt staining probable causes: Usually a combination […]


Efflorescence: Crusty, white salt deposits leached from masonry or mortar as moisture passes through. Efflorescence causes: Excessive moisture. Inadequate venting […]

Fading / Color Retention

Fading: Early loss of color or change usually from direct sun exposure. More pronounced with yellows and reds. Fading probable […]


Frosting: Salty looking discoloration, most visible on darker colors, sometimes mistaken for efflorescence. Frosting probable causes: Usually forms in protected […]

Gloss Retention

Gloss loss: An accelerated deterioration of the top coat causing rapid luster loss. Gloss loss probable causes: Usually the use […]

Lapping Exterior

Lapping: Occurs where wet and dry layers overlap during painting. Avoid with paint area management and technique. Lapping probable causes: […]

Leaching (Surfactant)

Surfactant leaching: Blotchy usually tan colored glossy water soluble spots on latex paints. Leaching probable causes: Painting in cool humid […]

Mildew Exterior

Mildew: Areas of black, gray, brown spots formed on paint and other surfaces, particularly in damp, shady areas. Mildew probable […]

Nailhead Rusting

Nailhead rusting: Rust spots come through the paint. Preventable with proper surface preparation and priming. Rust stains probable causes: Improper […]