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3 Simple Keys to Capitalize on Sales Calls

May 6, 2018

Are you getting in front of customers but having problems sealing the deal? Focus on these 3 buyer motivations to help you win more jobs.

Millions of dollars have been spent trying to understand the complex field of buying behavior. What we know is that presenting the benefits and pricing is not always enough to clinch a job.  In fact, very often the decision to go with a specific service provider is not entirely logical but is influenced by emotional factors and how customers feel.

Here are three key motivations that influence purchasing and how they are relevant to your customer conversations.

Motivation 1: Security

Customers want to feel assured that they are making a smart buying decision. Keep this top of mind:

  • Discuss your experience and credentials. This could be part of your introduction or include on in business cards or on your vehicle.
  • If you work with a crew, you might want to speak more literally to security issues. For example, vetting process, supervisory standards or safety record.
  • Look out for their best interest. For example, ask about allergies and sensitivities and make recommendations accordingly for low VOC or Zero VOC paints.
  • People are persuaded by people who ‘get’ them and will help them achieve a goal. Positively reinforce the customers reasons for completing the job eg. “That’s a good idea, and I can definitely help you with that”. Show them that others have benefitted from your service by referencing similar jobs you’ve successfully completed.

Motivation 2: Avoidance of Worry

Painting jobs are often a significant investment. In order to help customers feel secure you sometimes need to draw attention to what they have to lose.

  • Don’t cry down the competition but you can ethically explain your recommended approach to the job and some of the pitfalls that can be avoided with a professional contractor such as yourself. Speak to proper prep, tools and system selection to give desired performance and durability. Don’t just sell on price – sell the value you bring.

Motivation 3: Convenience

Customers are concerned about how long it will take and how messy it will get. Give them confidence and peace of mind.

  • Know the timeline your client is interested in. Be very clear in how long it will take and add in provisos (eg. “ If you know the colours, we can go ahead and order the paint, and get this painted and finished in x days, barring any delays due to rain or additional requests for work”.
  • Be ready to develop flexible schedule depending on what suits the client.
  • Specify what you will do to protect the customers property during the painting process.

Make customers feel more comfortable with you by appealing to these three major motivations and you will be well on the way to increasing your close rate.


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