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Microfibre & Mini Roller

May 6, 2018

Ulttima Microfibre Roller


This roller paints 55ft (18M) before it dry rolls!

Save time on your next job!

  • Superior paint pick-up and slower release
  • High efficiency – Less time spent reloading
  • Woven construction – Will NOT shed!
  • Minimal splatter

Get more painting done faster with this truly professional quality roller with a difference!  Its exceptional performance characteristics are a result of careful testing and attention to detail in the crafting process.  The result is a superlative tool that is super absorbent, loads well and releases paint gradually to deliver top results with smooth, flat or semi-gloss paints.

Size: 9’ x 1.5.  Available in Short, Medium and Long pile.


Dynamic Mini Trim 4” Roller


One to have in your corner!

  • Cut into the corner without the use of a brush
  • Saves time – paints the wall and corner at the same time
  • Ideal around doors and window and Avoids ‘Picture Framing’.

This nifty little time saver is a trade secret.  Nap goes over the end of the roller to allow you to roll right into the corner. Reduce time to complete jobs. Great for interior and exterior applications and Fantastic in tight areas like closets and cabinets. It will become your new go-to tool.

Great for all paint types and ideal on medium and rough surfaces


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