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Pure, Zero-VOC Colourants – Nothing Added!

May 6, 2018

Mind Your V-O-Cs

VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds refer to chemicals that are readily released from a product into the air as gases.  They are found in thousands of everyday items such as household products, personal care products, furniture, carpets, paints, adhesives and more.

High levels of VOCs are considered toxic and harmful to health and/ or the environment, especially the atmosphere and the ozone layers. Therefore, global regulatory bodies seek to control and reduce the level of VOCs in items that we use.

Leading paint companies offer Low VOC paint bases including Harris Paints, whose Ulttima Plus Emulsions have been awarded the GREENWISE Certification having met or exceeded industry standards in testing by CRGI, a US laboratory, accredited by the Laboratory Accreditation Bureau.

But some paint companies then ADD back VOCs when they tint the paint!

Harris Paints was the first and continues to be the only Caribbean manufacturer to have developed a tint system based on powerful Zero-VOC Ulttima Colourants (since 2013).  This means when customers select a Low VOC (Ulttima Plus) product that is safer to use and gentler on the environment, they can be assured that that is what they are getting even after the product is tinted – and for any colour they choose.

To find out the VOC level in the paint you buy check the product or technical data sheet (TDS) for information but remember this refers to the paint bases only and therefore the tinted paint can be higher if colourants used are not VOC Free.

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