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Metal Care

Rust Chem Anchorlite Heavy Duty Primer

Rust inhibiting, high build, quick drying primer, containing Zinc Chromate. Excellent corrosion resistance and available in red.

Rust Chem Quick Dry Enamel

Abrasion resistant, fast drying industrial grade enamel. May be force dried.

Rust Chem Red Oxide Primer

Economical, fast drying primer ideal for shopcoats. Good corrosion resistance.

Rust Chem Super Gloss Enamel

Lead free enamel for use on metal or wood, which dries to smooth finish. Available in 10 colours, including black and […]

Rust Chem Universal Primer

Rust inhibiting, fast drying, non-lifting primer, suitable as barrier coat. Can also be used under High Performance Coatings. Available in […]