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Dynamic Flexible Sanding Block

Excellent for light sanding between coats of clear wood finishes, drywall, mud and hole repairs. Great for angles, contoured and […]

Dynamic Japan Dryer

Used to speed the drying rate and toughen all alkyd paints, alkyd varnishes and artist’s oil.

Dynamic No Slip Compound

For painted surfaces, indoor and outdoor. Sprinkle compound evenly over the first coat of any wet paint and let dry. […]

Everbuild All Purpose Powder Filler

All Purpose Powder Filler for both interior and exterior use, with added PVA for extra strength. For repairs to plaster, […]

Everbuild All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler

All Purpose Ready Mixed Filler is an easy to use ready mixed filler which is suitable for both interior and […]

Everbuild Crystal Clear Sealant

Crystal Clear Sealant is based on an advanced Siliconized Acrylic formula that remains permanently flexible and can be used for […]

Everbuild One Strike Filler

A revolutionary filler formulated using lightweight polymer bubbles that fills most holes and cracks, even deep holes, in just one […]

Excel Black Plastic Roller Tray

Solvent resistant polyproylene tray. 228.6mm/9″ plastic tray. 1 quart capacity.

Harris All Purpose Siliconized Acrylic Caulking White

Dries up to 20 minutes faster. Quicker recovery. Easy clean up. Fills, seals & smoothes out cracks and joints. Used […]

Sheetrock All-Purpose Joint Compound

Sheetrock brand all purpose joint compound—SelectTM is a high-performance compound specifically formulated for the professional drywall finisher. Provides superior working […]