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Duraglaze Quick Drying Woodstain

Quick Drying Woodstain is a pure acrylic non-yellowing waterbased varnish and stain that is touch dry in 15 minutes and […]

Maritime Spar Varnish

Maritime Spar Gloss Varnish is designed for exterior and interior marine, industrial, and architectural use – any wood substrates requiring […]

Varathane Floor Finish

Varathane Floor Finish is a water-based high-traffic formula with patented Aluminum Oxide Nano Technology for superior scuff and scratch resistance.

Varathane Spar Urethane

Varathane Spar Urethane’s non-yellowing formula provides maximum UV protection to guard against sun damages.

WoodCare Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer

WoodCare Gloss Nitrocellulose Lacquer forms a very hard and glossy finish on wood. For use interior wood furniture and cabinetry. […]

WoodCare Gloss Polyurethane

WoodCare Gloss Polyurethane forms a high-build, clear glossy finish on wood. For use on all interior wood surfaces including floors. […]

WoodCare High-Performance Gloss Poly-Stain

WoodCare High-Performance Gloss Poly-Stain is a premium wood finish that both penetrates into wood and forms a durable, high-gloss, semi-transparent […]

WoodCare High-Performance Penetrating Stain

WoodCare High-Performance Penetrating Stain is a premium wood finish that penetrates deep into wood to enhance the grains and promotes the […]

WoodCare High-Performance Satin Poly-Stain

WoodCare High-Performance Satin Poly-Stain is a premium wood finish that both penetrates into wood and forms a durable, low-sheen semi-transparent […]

WoodCare Nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer

WoodCare Nitrocellulose Sanding Sealer is suitable for use on all bare wooden substrates where a clear sealer with ease of […]