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Mortar Bond SBR

Harris Mortar Bond SBR is a styrene-butadiene co-polymer latex specifically designed for use with cementitious mixes. It is used in mortar and concrete as an admixture to increase water and abrasion resistance and durability. It is used with cement as a reliable water resistant bonding agent.

Available in Sizes
Quart, 1 gallon, 5 gallon

Features & Benefits

Greatly increased flexural and tensile strength Greatly reduced shrinkage (with appropriate aggregate). Prevents bleeding. Lower water-cement ratio. Increased durability and toughness, improved abrasion resistance Resistant to many chemicals and to mineral oils. Excellent adhesion to steel and concrete. Sticks well to brick, glass, asphalt, wood, expanded polystyrene and most building materials. Enhanced corrosion protection.

Where to use

    • Polymer improver for cement
    • Floor screeds & toppings
    • Waterproofing & tanking