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Pro Speed Cover™ Interior / Exterior Eggshell Emulsion

An excellent value, versatile, performance quality, low-sheen acrylic with a high percentage of solids that provides good hide, effective coverage and very good touch-up and is ideal for both commercial and residential properties, schools and public institutions, in frequent need of repainting. It is engineered to deliver superior spread rates covering more surface area per pail, and is highly cost effective. It also has good durability and protection against mildew in a low odour formula which facilitates fast-turnaround. Pro Speed Cover™ is specially formulated for use by professionals and its properties are balanced to deliver superior results on fit-for-purpose projects, where it is important to maximize budgets and productivity.

Available in Sizes
1 gallon, 5 gallon

Features & Benefits

Excellent Spreadability  Contains FLOWTEK 555* Technology, an optimized formula that produces excellent coverage and good hide in every can, covering, up to 20% more!  Buy less paint to get the job done! Highly Cost Effective Excellent value and cost savings reduce project overheads. Attractive Low-Sheen Finish Eggshell will hide imperfections in the wall better than higher sheen finishes and has a higher gloss level than flat for an elegant but practical finish. Excellent Control This full-bodied formulation is quick and easy to apply and creates a smooth film without troublesome imperfections caused by thinner paints such as ‘sagging’, ‘running’ or ‘foaming’. Good Adhesion This robust film sticks well to substrates and is performance tested even over smooth surfaces such as those previously painted with oil.  As is proper practice, for best hold, a light sanding is recommended. Versatile Mildew Protection Get the benefits of mildew protection that promotes better air quality both inside and outside the home in a single product. User Friendly Low Odour This product contains fewer harmful chemicals.  It is safe for applicators and allows freshly painted areas to be occupied more quickly – although Zero or very low VOC formulations are recommended for allergy sufferers and highly sensitive individuals.

Where to use

    Interior or Exterior surfaces Suitable for properly prepared Masonry, Concrete, Concrete Block, Drywall or Gypsum Board, Wood and Metal. Ideal for:
    • Budget sensitive projects
    • Areas in need of frequent repainting
      • High traffic areas
      • Rental and tenant turnover projects
      • Warehouses and commercial spaces