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Super Seal Premium Bonding Primer/Sealer

Super Seal Premium Bonding Primer/Sealer is a sealer for porous surfaces which is designed to penetrate the capillary structure, binding the particles to leave the surface dust-free and with improved resistance to abrasion. Super Seal forms a tough protective coating that has good resistance to many oils, alkalis and commonly used chemicals. The structure is allowed to breathe naturally.

Available in Sizes
Quart, 1 gallon, 5 gallon

Features & Benefits

Waterproofing Protection for mortar pointing against weathering and greatly increased life for walls by preventing ingress of water causing spalling Tough protective surface Prevention of waterborne dirt and atmospheric grime adhering to porous surfaces. Reduced porosity Prevents moisture retention thereby increasing insulation values.

Where to use

    • Garage and workshop floors
    • Processing areas
    • School floors and farm buildings