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Pro Newsletter Issue - August 2017

Hue Knew? FREE Colour Services You’ll Love.

August 1, 2017

FREE Colour Services You’ll Love. Sometimes the biggest project hold-up is getting the customer to decide on the colour! To be fair, it can be hard for some people to imagine what a small paint chip will look like on the outside of their house or apartment building.

The Trouble with Touch-Ups

The Trouble with Touch-Ups. Many factors can contribute to a less than effective touch up and have repair work standing out like a sore thumb.

Oh Boy – Back Pain!

Oh Boy – Back Pain! Many of us are no stranger to these aches and pains which can result from long periods spent bent over, twisted or in other awkward positions or from lifting and carrying heavy loads. Avoid the discomfort or potentially career ending injury with these top tips.

Painting New Galvanized Metal

Painting New Galvanized Metal. Galvanized steel or iron is specially treated and covered with a thin layer of zinc which protects the underlying metal from rusting.

Understanding Gloss Level Measurement

Understanding Gloss Level Measurement. When it comes to selecting sheen levels for decorative coatings, don’t rely solely on a name which doesn’t provide an exact value and can vary significantly across brands and manufacturers.

Take Charge of Time Management

Take Charge of Time Management. Too much time spent on getting the job done can easily rack up large labour costs and leave you with little profit left over. In a challenging price sensitive market, many professionals are working on slim margins and a slight miscalculation could easily leave you out of pocket. Here are a few tips to help you come out on top.