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Pro Newsletter Issue - May 2018

3 Simple Keys to Capitalize on Sales Calls

May 6, 2018

Are you getting in front of customers but having problems sealing the deal? Focus on these 3 buyer motivations to […]

Stamp out Damp in Concrete Walls Before Redecorating

It’s a major red flag when you see signs of moisture on interior walls to be repainted. Before recoating you’ll […]

Microfibre & Mini Roller

Ulttima Microfibre Roller This roller paints 55ft (18M) before it dry rolls! Save time on your next job! Superior paint […]

Pure, Zero-VOC Colourants – Nothing Added!

Mind Your V-O-Cs VOCs or Volatile Organic Compounds refer to chemicals that are readily released from a product into the […]

Kiss Goodbye to Ugly Old Vinyl Tile

Want to get rid of old fashioned linoleum or vinyl tile but don’t have the money to put in a […]

First Aid Stop the Bleeding

God forbid anyone should get hurt on the worksite but if they do, you should be prepared. Accidents can involve […]