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Pro Newsletter Issue - May 2019

Avoid ‘Picture Framing’

May 8, 2019

Get the best results on your project by avoiding costly mistakes that are embarrassing and could cost you money! ‘Picture […]

Should I Wear a Back Brace?

Are there any dangers to wearing a back brace to protect against injury or to alleviate pain? What you should […]

Colour and Light Reflectance Values (LRVs)

Light affects how colours look and the LRV can be a useful reference in colour selection and anticipating the final […]

Do you have an angled-brush in your arsenal?

You can tell a master painter by the way they can steadily cut in straight lines without the use of […]

Estimating Labour Hours – Don’t Sell Yourself Short.

Failing to accurately calculate the true demands of a potential paint job could end up costing you – plus putting […]

Which Metal Primer

To achieve a long-lasting finish on metal paint projects, primer is a critical step. Choose the solution that is best […]