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Formulated with unique micro-encapsulated biocides designed to release slowly over the life of the coating. Unlike most paints that lose their anti-mildew effectiveness within six months, Mildewguard Technology® will help resist the growth of fungus and algae for much longer.

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Formulated with your health and your environment in mind. Containing the lowest possible amounts of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and tinted with Zero-VOC colorants, now you can paint occupied spaces without worry.

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Specially designed to withstand the harsh rays of the Caribbean sun. Formulated with UV absorbing extender pigments and tinted with high-performance colorants, paints with Colourlast Technology® will look brighter and last longer than conventional paints, so you don’t have to repaint as often.

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Paints with Coverfast Technology® are a spatter-free paint made with a very high pigment concentration. When tinted with its powerful colorants the result is better opacity, coverage and hide. This means you’ll take fewer coats to reach full coverage, so you get the job done faster, using less paint.

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Paints with Selfprime Technology® use innovative cross-linking acrylic resins that allow it to bond to and seal many surfaces without priming first. Unless you need to paint chalky, glossy, metal or heavily-stained surfaces, paint directly with ULTTIMA PLUS and save yourself a coat of paint — and your time and money.

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The GREEN WISE® certification mark is your assurance that this product is environmentally preferred on the basis of its lower VOC content and lack of certain traditional chemicals in its formulation. It has been tested and certified by Coatings Research Group, Inc. (CRGI) to meet certain environmentally responsible standards.

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Best by Test

CRGI is an ISO 17025 accredited testing laboratory. All completed tests were done independently and objectively, using ASTM approved test […]

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