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When are primers traditionally required before the application of paint, and why?

  • When painting an unpainted surface, to penetrate and seal the surface
  • When painting over dirty, scuffed and stained painted surfaces, to block the stains from showing through to the paint
  • When painting over bright or bold paint colours, to ensure the true colour of the finish coat isn’t affected by an undertone
  • When painting over glossy or hard surfaces, to ensure adhesion
  • When painting over problem surfaces, like metal, chalky concrete, knots in wood, etc

How are primers formulated differently from conventional paints?

  • Standard concrete primers are formulated to be more penetrating than paints, and contain a number of filler pigments to help them provide white-hide, but not durability
  • Specialty acrylic primers use 100% acrylic resins and high levels of TiO2 pigment to ensure increased adhesion and hiding power, as well as the ability to block stains.
  • Specialty solvent-based primers vary by purpose. Some contain shellac to seal knots and harsh stains in wood, others contain anti-rust agents to properly prime metals, while others are designed to seal down chalking surfaces.
  • No primer is a substitute for proper preparation such as washing, sanding and surface repair.

Ulttima Plus emulsion paints are said to contain Selfprime Technology because:

  • They use 100% acrylic, super-adherent resins
  • The resins are cross-linked with zinc oxide to create a harder film that grips more tightly to the surface
  • They have very high levels of TiO2 and other pigments, and use very strong colorants, so that they will block out old colours and stains underneath them
  • They can be effectively be used as a “paint and primer in one” because they will work:
    • Directly on properly-cured bare concrete
    • Directly over dry and sap-free new wood
    • Directly over previously painted  or stained surfaces
    • Directly over Aluminium or Galvanized Metal